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Holiday Calendar

Any upcoming holidays that will affect the forex market during the current month will be displayed on this page. If no dates are displayed that means the forex market will not be closed outside of normal hours within the current month.

Instrument 02.09.2019 (Labor Day)
ENERGY PRODUCTS early close 19:45 (GMT+3)
PRECIOUS METALS early close 19:45 (GMT+3)
U.S. INDICES early close 19:45 (GMT+3)
COMMODITIES early close 19:45 (GMT+3)
U.S. SHARES closed

Time in UTC +2 : Date and Time are subject to change without any prior notice - please be aware that pricing will be dependent upon market conditions and may experience increased volatility due to thin market depth. We will endeavor to price appropriately wherever possible. Please make sure your accounts are sufficiently funded as bank holidays may cause transfer delays.

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