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Marketing Tools

FxNet partners are granted access to marketing tools to help drive their promotional engine, expand clientele networks and reach more optimal and lucrative results. Below is the list of various creatives and marketing tools FxNet offers affiliates to build a more successful and effective campaign.


We have comprised a vast variety of banners to accommodate all the interests within the forex industry.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages onto which a potential client may arrive following a click on one of the banners we have provided. It is a single page that captivates a summary of what our company has to offer. We can provide a variety of appealing and customized landing pages, built with the aim of increasing introduced client's conversion rates.


We have a variety of forex widgets, providing information on forex related products, such as the latest financial figures and the FxNet market sentiment. It is of great benefit and value as it allows partners to add value to a site as well as be rewarded through high turnover.

Web-Design and SEO Assistance

We are proud of our dedicated team of marketing professionals who are ready to assist partners in the designing and optimizing of websites in order to give visiting clients the optimal experience. Our team of experts can also assist in SEO efforts and offer advice on optimization and ranking.

Customized Requests

At FxNet we are always happy to receive requests from every individual partner and are open to discussing the possibility of making that request available in a mutually beneficial manner.

For more information on our Partnership Programs please contact us at partners@fxnet.com

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