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Sobre la Compañía

Find out everything about FxNet.com and the trading services we offer to all our Clients!

Quienes Somos

The domain of FxNet.com is owned and operated by BelFX Limited. BelFx Limited is an international Forex and CFD broker. The Company has been created for traders by traders, which is why we are offering unparalleled trading conditions designed to meet all realistic expectations of both professional and less experienced investors.

BelFx Limited is a limited liability company duly registered and existing under the laws of Belize with registration number 130266 and licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”) in Belize with license number IFSC/60/260/TS/17.

Vision & Mission

FxNet.com is managed by professionals with a decade’s worth of experience in the financial industry. This knowledge translates into a wealth of benefits for our Clients. From exceptional customer service, to excellent trading conditions, we make sure that our Clients are always our top priority.

As a company, we aspire to continue to improve our services, ensuring that we always maintain ourselves to the highest spectrum of customer satisfaction.

Las principales ventajas de operar por Internet con FxNet

Magníficas condiciones de trading, transparencia total, alta seguridad y privacidad, precios de mercado en tiempo real.


We offer the advantage of safe and monitored trading with no possibility of fraud. Fxnet.com has taken numerous preventative methods to ensure safety of fund transactions and security of Client Funds in the duration of their trading.


Fxnet.com is managed by experienced professionals and based on knowledge acquired through over a decade in the financial industry.

Proporcionamos a nuestros clientes un servicio de atención excepcional, tecnología de última generación y excelentes condiciones de trading.

Trading Conditions

There is nothing more important than actual trading and transparent trading conditions. We know that each investor has unique expectations and therefore FxNet.com offers a wide variety of trading accounts to suit a wide range of trading needs.

FxNet.com trading conditions advantages:

  • Utilizamos ejecución a mercado en tiempo real, lo que significa que todas tus cotizaciones se ejecutan al mejor precio disponible y que no tendrás que preocuparte de si tus órdenes son recotizadas o rechazadas.
  • we offer dynamic leverage, up to 1:500
  • Permitimos cobertura, scalping y trading con noticias, para que puedas elegir la estrategia más adecuada y eficaz para ti.

Seguridad de fondos

Segregation of client funds

Client funds are held in separate accounts within secure banking institutions, thereby protecting their use for any other purpose. This segregation from the company’s own accounts ensures that traders’ funds cannot be used by the company under any circumstances.

Full Regulation

BelFX is licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”) in Belize which means the company is monitored and has to comply with the governing rules and regulations.

SSL Security with 256 Bit Encryption

Clients’ financial transactions are all protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is a security technology used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser ensuring all data passed between the two remain private.

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